Monday, October 11, 2010

Oye Bunty Bunty Oye!

Did you ever know that the movie 'Oye Lucky Lucky Oye' is based on this real 'Super Chor' ("chor" ="thief" ) popularly known as Bunty (aka Devender). When I watched this movie the first time, I was aware that the story was inspired by a real burglar, however I got to watch the real Bunty on a popular Indian reality show, 'Bigg Boss 4'. Bigg Boss, for who are not familiar with the show, is the Indian version of the very popular British show called Big Brother. The show is based on the idea of locking up a dozen celebrities in a huge villa and giving them tasks to do. There is obviously evictions every week based on public voting. This show has been one of my all time fav Indian reality show for the psychological factor that is involved in the show. You get to see how celebrities who are always on the silverscreen portraying a different role than their real life (as they say the 'reel' life) succumb to suspicion & belief, hatred & friendship, trust & backstabbing and more in their 3 months stay in the Bigg Boss' villa. Life in the villa for these celebrities pretty much makes them realize who they really are, their strengths and mostly weaknesses.

Most celebrities, I believe, end up on the show with the hopes to redeem their image that has been scarred due to a recent incident or just by the media. Well, what better opportunity to do so when you have millions of viewers watching and listening your entire stay at the villa. This was probably the big reason why Bunty entered the show too! It is alleged that Bunty was a small time thief in Delhi who made big news because of his nation-wide burglary acts. He is mostly popular becuase he has spent some jail-time but never been caught red- in the over 500 cases against him. Bunty appeared be at the show to redeem his image as a 'Super Chor', which was furthered by the hit movie 'Oye Lucky...', however that did not seem to be the case completely. He did not socialize with the rest of the particiapants and seemed to be an easy target for others (for voting him out). On the second day of the show, Bunty was punished for not following certain voting rules and that aggravated the silent Bunty. He did not stop swearing at the cameras or trying to exit the villa until he was eventually sent out of the show. This is the earliest eliminations I think in the 4 seasons of the show. During this period of turmoil, Bunty kept yelling 'Maine bola tha..Maine bola tha in &%^%^ ko ki muje nahin aana hai' (I did tell these %$%^^$^% that I did wanna be on the show).

Now, I thought why did such a petty thief want to be on a show that mostly showcases celebs who are mostly looking for attention and further promotion on media. Did he really want to be on the show or was he forced by the makers convincing him about public redemption. Whatever it was, one thing was clear -he never knew what the rules of the show/game were. He was utterly 'clueless'!

BTW, the show is hosted by our Mr. Chulbul Pandey (Dabangg) or Salman Khan.

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  1. Hey, finally, another of Bigg Boss watchers. Wonder what you can write about Sakhsi Oradhan though. She survived Splitsvilla but how come here off so easily. Last year's palak was same too.