Thursday, February 10, 2011

Vacation to India - A spiteful respite!

Quite a while since I have posted something...well, I could easily blame it on the pre, during and post vacation chores that keeps most of us busy especially when the vacation involves complications of getting a VISA stamp and attending weddings to name a few. 
My last few vacations to India have taken a toll on me, to be frank. It would not be fair to even call them a 'vacation' where you would ideally want a respite from the usual monotony of work life and scattered slogs to get things done before (mostly 2 mins after though) the deadline (just kidding, I love my job like everybody else does!). Why cant I ever sit down in the verandah of my grandma’s with a glass of hot kapi and watch local kids play cricket across the compound. All I ask during my vacation is that relaxing moment where I do not have to think about travelling across towns to meet relatives and be stuffed with all the savories and sweets (not that I would defy them completely!), or where I don’t need to break my head about getting a VISA stamp to return to USA or even don’t have to go on a pilgrimage trip because we do not tend to be ‘devoted’ enough back in the US (that’s what my relatives would claim). Well, I have my reasons for not having to prove my devotedness by going to holy places, but I guess that will be different blog entry.
This is, I believe, is the case with most NRIs and I am sure they will agree with me, mostly even if not completely. The situation for folks who are married becomes even more terrible because now they have to go through the ordeal not just once but twice. I am sure married folks will understand what I mean. They also have to negotiate with their spouse about how much time to spend at their in-laws’ and parents’. In most cases breaking half way with the # of days saves all the arguments and hard-feelings.
Well, I have made a strong resolution to not spend all my vacation on India – I know this might seem selfish but I think it a logical one for I deserve that respite at least once in a year. Guess what, I have a weeks’ vacation left this year but there are chances of it being spent as my parents are visiting us very soon. Sigh!
Anyway, in the next post, I will try to crib less and share some glimpses from my India trip.