Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Making 'sports' conversations at work...

I have always felt it quite difficult to make small conversations with colleagues or people around at work when it comes to 'American sports'. Speaking about my perils of embarrassment, it grinds my gears when I cannot involve myself in a group talk about a NY Yankees' game the last weekend or I have to admit that I do NOT follow NBA- not even the Celtics games. I also envy folks who can make 'intelligent' conversations with their bosses about game philosophy, history records and their fanaticism - I strongly believe bosses build favoritism towards them. For a guy like me who always believes in being on the good cards of friends, colleagues and relatives, I feel disheartened when it comes to making 'sports' conversations among them.
I have always been an avid fan of sports, all kind of them actually. However, I have preferred learning and playing them to watching or following them (with exception to cricket). I have always wondered why I cantfind time to watch some NFL or NBA over the weekend. I have the sports channels, I have a 50inch HDTV and I also have Sunday mornings available for leisure. Maybe I need to make a more conscious decision in the begnning of the week about making 'watching the Sunday game' a part of my weekend routine. May be I should atleast follow the scores and highlights on espn.com. Or, may be atleast get updates from a friend who understands my situation. Ah, I could then impress my boss and colleagues with all the amazing game statistics I have imbibed myself with. And may be then I could prove everyone that I am a 'typical guy' who follows sports and enjoys talking about it. Hmm, may be I will just be myself....


  1. Well said. I too feel the same all the time. Especially once somebody mentioned grand slam and I happily talked about Tennis 4 grand slams only to realize that it is a baseball term :).

  2. you don't have to watch it to please your boss..but you can do it if it brings you joy :)

  3. Well thats what I have decided to do my being myself! :)